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Dance Articles

Swing Dance
In this overview article, learn that both colorful and enduring, generations of dancers have learned to swing in a nearly endless variety of styles.

Swing Dance Clothing
From a vintage zoot suit to athletic-style clothing, just about any swing dancing clothing goes as long as it is comfortable.

Basic Swing Dance Steps
Find out about some of the moves that will get you up and moving on the dance floor quickly.

Swing Dance Music
What defines swing dance music?  The answer is that it is a combination of several styles, including jazz and blues, played in many different configurations of bands and instrumentation.

Have Fun Dancing While Staying Safe
Submitted by a reader, this is one person's suggestions on personal safety when going out dancing - before and after you enter the venue.

Lindy Hop
In this overview article, learn a little history, some basics about the dance, tips on learning it and making the most of it.

Lindy Hop- Some History
African and European influenced this dance that has come together to produce something unique and loved by countless fans for the better part of a century now, in countries all over the world.

Lindy Hop Swingouts - Savoy Style vs Hollywood Style
There are 2 main "styles" in the Lindy Hop World today, one coming from Harlem, NY is referred to as "Savoy" style. The other, an adaptation credited to having come out of Southern California, is referred to as "Hollywood" style.

World War 2 Music
No era in recent memory has produced music with as much influence, history and continuing popularity as the music of World War II.


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